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Written by Denise Camillo

January 17, 2023

Did you or someone you know have difficulties learning online last term? 

Are you taking an online course this term and are stressed not knowing what to expect?                                                        

I’m Dr. Dee, a virtual learning coach, and can assist you in all different ways.  Do any of the topics in the infographic above sound like you?  Do you have the time to meet and discuss some ways you can overcome these issues and become successful in the online environment?  Your first session is FREE.

Be sure to visit my website to see each of the different topics that affect online learning that we can work through together so that you can earn an ‘A’ in that online course you are taking.  I can design a plan that meets your individual needs and your first session is FREE.

I look forward to meeting you!

Call Now!  215-867-9418 or send an Email to:

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