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Written by Denise Camillo

February 21, 2023

Online learning is a great opportunity. However, you must be disciplined to ensure you finish the work. Unlike traditional in-person learning, there is a lot of independence when getting assignments done and turned in. Time management is essential to ensuring that you can get everything that you need to do for your online learning courses. Let’s look at how to use time management for online learning.

Avoid Procrastinating

Today it’s easier than ever to procrastinate, but there are steps you can take to get your work done. Remove distractions from your studying space like phones or tablets, and if possible create a dedicated online learning area. If procrastination is a big problem for you, remote learning coaches can help you tackle the problem.

Create a Schedule

A major key to online learning time management is developing a schedule. Even if you’re only taking one class, having a schedule will help you set aside time that’s dedicated to your studies. The most common way to manage a schedule is with a calendar. Block out time on your calendar for each class, study session, and other learning activities. You should also include events for your personal life on the calendar to ensure that get-togethers and other fun activities don’t cut into your study time.

No matter what you add to your calendar, you should build slack time into your routine. If you want to study for 30 minutes, block off extra time on the calendar. Whether you start late, or you just get into the groove and want to keep working, that time will be accounted for in your schedule.

Ask for Help

If you’re already using these strategies and you’re still struggling, it’s time to ask for help. When you’re learning online it can feel like you’re alone, but with the help of online learning coaches, you can achieve your goals. It can be difficult to ask for help, but it’s better to seek out assistance before you struggle even more.

Developing strong time management skills will make online learning less stressful and make you more successful. According to Tech Jury, an astounding 87% of online students would improve their grades if they used proper time management and organization. Learn more about how to develop good time management habits with the help of eLearning with Dr. Dee. Call today to get started!

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