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Dr. Camillo was very considerate of her students and always made sure that we understood the course work in each unit. She had tutoring sessions set up and study hall available to help her students. Dr. Camillo was extremely patient and understanding with me. I had trouble with some of the course work and she made sure that I was taken care of and really helped me understand the course objectives.


Undergraduate student

I am writing to thank you for all the feedback and guidance you have provided me throughout the course. It was a great course where I learned a lot and have a strong foundation of writing research papers and Excel. You are a great professor and I feel lucky to be part of your class.  To say the least one of the best classes I have ever taken.


Graduate student

Overall, great teacher. Loves to teach and wants the students to learn. Doesn’t sound like its “another day at work” kind of teacher. Very helpful and overall wish all my future teachers were just like her.


Undergraduate student

I wanted to thank you for hosting such an enjoyable class.  I went my whole life intimidated by programming, I was very surprised that it is quite engaging and very fun when I gave it a true chance with an open mind.  Thank you for all your patience and explanations, and for taking the time to help me understand what I was doing.  You did a great job, and I deeply appreciate you holding the door open for me to walk through.  Have a lovely rest of your year, and I hope the rest of your classes give great input like this one; my classmates had some really great stuff to say, and I always felt pushed to do more when you and my peers engaged.


Undergraduate student

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr Camillo!!!! She literally answered every text message in such a quick manor every single time I messaged her no matter what time of day it was or what she was in the middle of. She truly was there for everything at every point in time through her class. Thank you so much for teaching me all that you did!!!


Undergraduate student

Thank you for an excellent class. Your class wasn’t what I consider IT work, but I definitely did get something out of it thanks to you. Writing has always been my weakest area. If I can point to one lesson I can take away from your class, I learned to focus my thoughts so they can be expressed on paper. Thank you! I’m sure this will help me when I do return to the workforce.


Graduate student

I enjoyed this class, even with my frustrations, as I eagerly took in new programming information. Dr. Camillo was excellent in presenting new material and very supportive as an instructor; I look forward to expounding on the subject and have benefited from the teachings in this course’s duration. Dr. Camillo was engaging, did well in explaining new material, and often offered help. I appreciate her checking in on me via email or text to ensure I understood the material. Thank you for all that you do!


Undergraduate student

Dr. Camillo’s teaching methodology was interesting and the virtual meetings / classes for the introduction of each project were informative.


Graduate student

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