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Dr. Dee

Online learning is very different than learning in the traditional face-to-face environment and the online learner must possess certain traits to be successful. Dr. Dee can help you build the skillset necessary to succeed, including but not limited to:


Build confidence with a growth mindset


Find your voice with effective communication


Learn how to manage ALL of your time


Earn better grades through assignment prep

Who we are

Dr. Dee is an experienced education consultant specializing in eLearning.

As an online professor, lifelong student, and researcher with a PhD in eLearning, she is well-equipped to help you acquire the skills to get the most out of your online learning experience and help you succeed. Inquire if you need an online learning coach!

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eLearning doesn’t have to be difficult. Dr Dee can enable you with the proper skills, which will allow you to excel at learning online. Read more

Undergraduate student

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr Camillo!!!! She literally answered every text message in such a quick manor every single time I messaged her no matter what time of day it was or what she was in the middle of. She truly was there for everything at every point in time through her class. Thank you so much for teaching me all that you did!!!


Graduate student

I am writing to thank you for all the feedback and guidance you have provided me throughout the course. It was a great course where I learned a lot and have a strong foundation of writing research papers and Excel. You are a great professor and I feel lucky to be part of your class. To say the least one of the best classes I have ever taken.


Undergraduate student

Overall, great teacher. Loves to teach and wants the students to learn. Doesn’t sound like its “another day at work” kind of teacher. Very helpful and overall wish all my future teachers were just like her.


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Taking control of procrastination

Taking control of procrastination

Taking Control of Procrastination as an Online Learner   Yeah, I think I’ll do that tomorrow   Do you often put things off?  Do you hear yourself saying I will get to that later?  I believe this happens to everyone.  Even I have been procrastinating writing...

Is anybody out there?

Is anybody out there?

Hello…Is there anybody out there   Have you ever emailed your online instructor and never received a response?  Or maybe you heard back from them days later.  I can remember back in graduate school when this happened to me and I felt very discouraged and lost.  I...

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